The Coolest Ways To Make Something New Out of Something Old! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity


For my favorite crafting people!  Fresh new DIY ideas to do this weekend!



Gilded Vase
A Clever Homemade Trivet
Vintage-Globe Light
Make a Paintbrush Vase
Owl made from upcycled wool sweater
Old pallets in use again
Make a cool old crate o…


Totally Cool And Fun Craft Projects To Do This Weekend! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

Crafting is always fun ! On the weekends , we have plenty of time to do something for ourselves, to let our imagination on and use our free time on a quality way!  Make a gift for your beloved friend, or make cute decoration piece for your home. Check out these projects I found, I believe …

Transform Spool Into Wonderful Bookcase! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

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Make a bookcase from a spool in 5 easy steps! Great way to repurpose an old spool!
Found it on: Thistlewood Farms