Creamy Roasted Mushroom and Brie Soup! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

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I am a huge fan of mushrooms and one of my favourite ways to enjoy them is in a cream of mushroom soup! Roast the mushrooms to caramelize them and bring out their flavour. After roasting the mushrooms you …


Breathtaking Bookstores You Need To See! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity


And all you have to do is visit them!



1. City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco – Flickr: mlehmann,

2. Word on the Water in London –,

3. Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, Netherlands – Flic…

40 DIY Christmas Gifts For Literally Everyone! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity


Just thinking about all the gifts I need to purchase this holiday season was stressing me out!  But luckily there is a bunch of DIY Projects for homemade gifts. The creativity by everyone amazes me! This is just like a book filled with fabulous crafting ideas for handmade gifts. T…

Christmas Gifts That’ll Impress Your Graphic Designers Friends! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

If you happen to have graphic designer friend, then this is ultimate guide for you! Choose perfect Christmas gift for them with this ideas!



Pencil by FiftyThree
 Lili and Ralf
1000 Colours
 Hand-painted ceramics
 Hard Graft KeyFold
 Wooden keyboard and …

20 DIY Coffee Tables Ideas That’ll Keep You Up at Night! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity


Craving something new in your home? Coffee table is often favorite part of home furniture, so why wouldn’t you get yourself new one? What if I tell you, there are fantastic ideas to upcycle wood logs, pallets, old doors into rustic , vintage but modern coffee table?! Yes , there…

If You Read One Article About Christmas Ideas, Read This One! | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity


Christmas is just around the corner , and you should be ready when it comes! Decorate your home with sweet heartwarming ornaments  without spending a fortune! There is a lot of easy crafts with mason jars and dollar store things , that can be used to decorate and welcome upcoming …

Spectacular Dirt Art | Just Imagine – Daily Dose of Creativity

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These beautiful images, painted in mud, reflect the world full of plants, animals and people on the walls of a classroom in India. Japanese artist Yusuke Asai painted this entire classroom to…